Things to do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is known for beer, cheese and the Green Bay Packers. While you might not realize it, Milwaukee also has tons of interesting things to do that don’t involve binge drinking or eating fatty foods. Also, if you happen to be a fan of the Packers, there are plenty of things that will appeal to your interests.

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Besides from beer Cheese and Green Bay packers, Milwaukee sure do have  a lot of other interesting things to do! Even if you’re not a big fan of booze and cheese, there are still activities that would interest most people. And as long as your team has the Packer’s logo on it, then I’m sure there is something for your liking in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee offers much more than beer cheese and Green Bay Packers’ stuff: here’s what you should go check out when visiting this place. Not everyone loves eating tons of fatty foods or binge drinking – but hey, even those who don’t can find some neat places they’d enjoy seeing in Milwaukee too! And who knows? Maybe after checking all these cool spots off your list, you’ll become a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers yourself!

Here are some great things to check out in a city with an incredibly diverse population and culture:


  • Milwaukee Public Museum –  A museum with plenty of exhibits on science, natural history and culture. If you have kids this is a great place to go!

  • Lakefront Brewery Tour – This tour will walk visitors through the brewing process as well as give them samples of some of Lakefront’s beers while they are at it. Get ready for some delicious craft beer.

  • Milwaukee Art Museum – An incredibly impressive museum with rotating exhibits that often feature modern art pieces from national artists mixed in with local art work. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into arts or just want something different to do during your trip to Milwaukee .

  • -Pabst Mansion – A beautiful mansion built by Captain Frederick Pabst who we all know founded PBR (cheap beer). This mansion is open to the public for tours and you can even stay overnight.

  • Milwaukee county zoo  –  An awesome zoo complete with a train you can ride around the grounds while looking at all of the animals.

  • American Family Field – A stadium where the Green Bay Packers play. The field is open to visitors during the offseason so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at one of America’s favorite pastimes!

  • Mitchel Park Horticultural Conservatory – This greenhouse is a great place to learn about plants and flowers while also enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of a conservatory.

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There’s really no shortage of things to do if you’re visiting Milwaukee . There are tons of museums, unique shops and other attractions throughout the city so make sure to check them out while you’re here!