Riverwest a Neighborhood in Milwaukee

Riverwest is a neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The district was named after the local River West Branch of the Kinnickinnic River on which it sits and its location west of Milwaukee’s downtown area. It consists of three sub-districts: Riverside Park, Layton Boulevard West (LBW), and East Side.

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Riverwest has a population of about 11,700 people. The neighborhood is home to many immigrants from Mexico and Asia. Riverwest also contains Milwaukee’s largest concentration of African Americans at 13%. It was founded in the 1920s as one of Milwaukee’s first suburbs for white families who were later joined by Polish refugees after World War II. After WWII ended, more working-class people moved into this area because it became affordable due to its cheap housing stock that had been abandoned during the war but slowly improved over time until today when they have become beautiful homes . For example; as you can see on Layton Boulevard West there are now schools such as Riverside University High School or Rufus King Middle School where both high school students and middle schoolers attend.

Riverwest is home to many different businesses including a large number of bars, restaurants, cafes , and shops . There are also several music venues in Riverwest; one such venue was the iconic The Globe East that hosted local punk bands until it closed its doors for good on March 31st 2015 after nearly 25 years due to financial issues.

As more people continue moving into this area there will be even more opportunities than before as an increase in demand rises rents allowing landlords to raise their prices but with new businesses popping up around here like La Merenda restaurant or microbreweries like Black Husky Brewing Company who believe they can offer something unique by utilizing locally ingredients from Wisconsin farmers which could attract a bigger crowd than before.

Additionally, with the addition of more businesses and residents in this area, Riverwest could become an exciting place to live for young professionals working downtown.

Things to do in Riverwest:

-Riverside Park: Riverwest’s main attraction is on the Kinnickinnic river. People love to go canoeing and kayaking during summer time as well as ice skating in winter.

-Layton Boulevard West (LBW): This street contains many unique cafes, bars , restaurants . It also has a very large concentration of art galleries such as The Evil Olive which hosts some of Milwaukee’s most popular underground shows that attract artists from all over Wisconsin including dance, theater performances and live music concerts where you can see all kinds different genres from rock bands like Mobtown Ballroom or rappers such as KingHellBastard who are known for their surreal lyrical content and raw sound production.

-East Side: Riverwest also has a large Polish population mostly due to its many bars and restaurants that offer traditional Polish dishes like pierogis, kielbasa , or haluski . However, there are other types of cuisines as well such as Indian food at Dhaba.

The neighborhood is home to many festivals throughout the summer season including The Milwaukee County West Fest in June which offers live music all day long for free with local vendors who sell art work from young artists around Wisconsin. Another popular festival hosted by Layton Boulevard West neighbors is called South Shore Frolics where you can find beer tents lining both sides of Bay Street while bands perform on Frolic’s main stage located right across the South Shore Park.