Old North Milwaukee a Neighborhood in Milwaukee

The Old North Milwaukee neighborhood is one of the oldest in the city, and it has a rich history. Many old buildings are still standing today from when this was an industrial area that employed hundreds of people. The original brewery burned down years ago, but the building at Edelweiss Strassenfest (site below) now occupies its location. Remnants with beautiful brickwork remain on site to give you a glimpse into what once stood there before all was destroyed by fire. This outdoor market features many local artists selling their crafts along with delicious food and beer varieties made right here in Wisconsin! If you’re looking for some unique art or handmade gift ideas stop by during October each year for Oktoberfest – they have live music going on all day and something to please everyone.

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There are many historic landmarks throughout the neighborhood that give you an idea of what life was like here decades ago, including a church built in 1847 – Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (site below) which is still active today. When you walk inside this beautiful sanctuary with tall ceilings painted sky blue, it’s hard to imagine how different things were back then when there were no cars or buses running through these streets where people walked everywhere; they got around via trolley car. Many homes also have interesting architecture styles from various eras too! You’ll see ornate Victorian mansions as well as more modern bungalows on tree-lined streets surrounded by raised sidewalks for walking your furry friend! With so much history, there are many great opportunities for historic tours too!

One of the best ways to experience Milwaukee is with a bike tour that shows off all the highlights and hidden gems throughout this fantastic city. Check out The Brew City Ramble (site below) where you will see some amazing things along Lake Michigan like summer festivals in Bay View or hear about tales from local legends including how Pabst Brewery got its start here and grew into one of the largest breweries in America before it was sold years ago! This company even made blue ribbons to help support soldiers during World War I when they were far away fighting overseas – now that’s something we can all drink to! You’ll also learn about German immigration while inside listening rooms at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center (site below) where you can feed marshmallow to the resident bats on a guided tour.

There are also many local businesses in the area that offer delicious food and drink, like The Old German Beer Hall (site below), which is tucked away behind an unassuming exterior but once inside it’s like being transported back in time! You’ll feel as though you’re at one of their Oktoberfest celebrations throughout the year with all sorts of live music going – perfect for date night or catching up with friends who want some authentic Bavarian cuisine along with great beer brewed right here on site! There’s even a small shop if you’d like to take home your very own stein souvenir from this historic spot too.