Famous People Living in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a city that has produced some pretty interesting people, and the list continues to grow. While it’s great for Milwaukeeans to see their favorite stars give back in such an important way, there are many other things you can do with your time here. Check out this article on famous people who make Milwaukee home!

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– Leonardo DiCaprio was born in California but now lives right off of N Farwell Ave near Water St., where he owns three buildings together totaling nearly $12 million dollars when combined. He also bought his family house earlier this year at the end of April 2018 for about $400k. – Will Smith grew up spending summers in Wisconsin before becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest names; however after a tragedy occurred in 2014 he moved to Milwaukee with his family full-time. – While we’re on the topic of Smith, Will’s son Jaden and daughter Willow were born here! They now reside back in Cali but still carry the Wisconsin life with them everywhere they go.

– Jennifer Lawrence has many ties to our fair city; one being she was married at The Pfister right downtown for about $300k , which you can see pictures from that wedding on her website if you’d like . She also spent some time living up near Capitol Dr., a couple miles west (figuratively speaking) of where Leo resides.

– Mark Borchardt, the inspiration for “American Movie” had a house in Riverwest and never bothered to sell it after his film career (or lack thereof) began. He still lives there today with his family as far as we know!

– Ryan Braun was an interesting case study here; he originally lived on N Santa Monica Blvd., then moved down to Water St.; but now resides back out west again at Drexel Ave & Wilshire Dr. – And finally, while most of us are familiar with Chris Farley’s famous skits, did you know that he used to live right near Capitol Dr? Not only that but John Belushi is buried just up the road from him too!

– Most recently, Milwaukee has seen the likes of LeBron James who is rumored to be looking for a place here in our city and would love to buy an NBA team too! We also have other stars like Tom Cruise who may not live here but visits often enough.

Additionally,  we have some famous musicians who live here as well such as the drummer for “The Killers,” Ronnie Vannucci, and if we’re talking about rappers then you can’t forget about Common!

– Now that you know where to find all your favorite celebrities in Milwaukee, why not take a step back from Hollywood & New York City and see what else our city has to offer? We are by no means trying to downplay their accomplishments but there is so much more out there than just seeing them at an event or on TV.

There’s plenty of other things going on around town; you should try them instead!