Crime Rate in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a crime rate of approximately 27 incidents per 100,000 residents. This number is actually quite low when you consider the fact that this city had over 500 homicides in 2016 alone! Milwaukee’s violent crimes are generally perpetrated by young people who have been involved with gangs and drug activity. There is no easy solution to curb these types of criminal activities because they stem from social problems which cannot be prevented through law enforcement or legislation. These issues must be dealt with at an early age so that children do not fall into a life of crime simply as means to survive.

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As with most major cities, Milwaukee is generally safe during the day. It is typically at night that you need to be a bit more careful. As long as you keep your wits about you and don’t go wandering off in the dark, you should be fine.

There are many cases where people have been hurt or killed after being involved in fights with other people. If someone starts a fight with you, it’s best to just walk away and not engage them further. You should always be aware of your surroundings as well so that if something does happen, then you will at least be able to see the person coming towards you.

While Milwaukee definitely has its issues (as do many major cities), most people who live here realize that there is far more good than bad in this city and they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Milwaukee truly is an amazing place where everyone feels welcome and enjoys living life without fear on a daily basis!

Additionally, Milwaukee is currently experiencing a revitalization in its downtown neighborhood, which has caused an uptick in new businesses and housing options. This means that young professionals are moving back into the city to live and work!

Crime rates have dropped significantly over the past decade due to concerted efforts by law enforcement officers as well as community involvement groups such as churches who work together with police forces to keep crime out of their neighborhoods. Younger people with little responsibility or financial resources often find themselves on the wrong side of the law because they simply don’t know how else to survive without resorting to criminal activity. It’s important for parents at this age (late teens)to monitor their children closely so that they do not get involved with gangs or drug use, which can ultimately lead to jail time or even death.

Milwaukee is a beautiful city with many different attractions and places of interest for all types of people! There are museums, restaurants, parks, beaches and so much more that you could spend months here without experiencing everything this amazing place has to offer! Anyone who comes through Milwaukee will feel safe on the streets no matter what part of town they are in because everyone works together as one big family unit here.

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