Facts About Embalming

Embalming is a process that slows the decomposition of human remains and restores them to an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The purpose of embalming is not only cosmetic, but also for sanitary purposes in preparation for public viewing, as well as religious reasons like Jewish burial rituals where mourners stay at home until after the body […]


Embalming is the practice of preserving human remains with chemicals to forestall decomposition. It was once widely used in North America and Europe, while it has been historically employed in many other cultures around the world as well. In some countries (such as Germany), only licensed professionals can be involved with the process for safety […]

History of Embalming

The word “embalming” comes from the Arabic term, “al-buhl.” It was introduced in Egypt sometime around 2600 BC when it was discovered that mummification reduced decomposition by inhibiting bacterial growth and destroying enzymes responsible for breaking down cells. Originally, embalmers used resins such as frankincense or myrrh to dry out organs before packing them with […]

History of Milwaukee

Milwaukee was founded in 1818 by Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn and George H. Walker as a trading post for the fur trade industry. In its early years it became a center point of commercial development between Chicago and Green Bay that made it one of the most important cities on the Great Lakes. Milwaukee’s location […]

Landmarks in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is home to many landmarks and historical places. Some of the most significant are listed below: Milwaukee Cremation Service Milwaukee Art Museum-This museum showcases many different types of art. It is located on the beautiful Lake Michigan and has a very distinct architectural style. Milwaukee Public Library-This library contains over two million books and […]