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Businesses in Milwaukee

There are many different  types of businesses in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. One type of business that is well known around here because it’s so common are bars and taverns. There were over 800 such establishments in the greater metropolitan area at last count, which isn’t surprising for a city this size with all kinds […]

Crime Rate in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a crime rate of approximately 27 incidents per 100,000 residents. This number is actually quite low when you consider the fact that this city had over 500 homicides in 2016 alone! Milwaukee’s violent crimes are generally perpetrated by young people who have been involved with gangs and drug activity. There is no easy […]

Government in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a long history of government. The area was home to Native American tribes for thousands of years before Milwaukee became its own state in 1846. Although it only lasted until 1848, the creation and later dissolution of the Wisconsin Territory is significant because during this time period, the United States Congress approved three […]

Riverwest a Neighborhood in Milwaukee

Riverwest is a neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The district was named after the local River West Branch of the Kinnickinnic River on which it sits and its location west of Milwaukee’s downtown area. It consists of three sub-districts: Riverside Park, Layton Boulevard West (LBW), and East Side. Milwaukee Cremation Service Riverwest has a population of […]